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19th Jan, 2015


Answer for question 4198.

Have you ever binge-watched a TV series? If so, what was it? Why did you like it so much?
Doctor Who. Arrow. Agents of Shield. Some Filipino TV series.

Right now I am on my way to binge-watching Game of Thrones.

And I don't regret staying up all night watching them. I think it is better to have emotional turmoil all at once than sitting bored and waiting week by week. Although, many would say there is some novelty to knowing what goes on now than be out of the loop.

30th Oct, 2014

arrow, guys

Umm... Yeah...

By the avatar, I think you've already guessed what I'm going to be on about this post.

One word.


That's right, I've come back the world of my fandoms. I've missed so much. Seriously, I've missed a lot since the start of Uni this year. I cannot even. I think for the three days I've been streaming to catch up my internet has gone kaput, although there is still a bit since I'm posting this. :D So, I guess I've got more to really kaput every single juice of the Wifi.

I firstly watched the rest of season 2 Arrow and then the next season as well as the Flash which is amazing. Now, all I've got to do is catch up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, LoK and whatever else my friend who has kept up to date suggests to me. Binge watching eveything this week has kept me out of thinking about this certain ex-boyfriend. Now that's a long story... I think... (it might be short)... Also it's some sort of procratination technique from writing up my C.V. and studying for my Anthro paper exam which is going to be at two weeks time (10 Nov).

I think, I've just commited myself to going back to tumblr. It was an itch. I didn't want to go back but I just had to. I had nothing better to do but get things sorted out with my themes and update them a bit really. I've recieved many messages of praise that it made me think that I had to do better.

So yeah, make some progress.



28th Oct, 2014

letters, applications

When things turn back to normal

If things were normal then I would have been here every single day making entries that I know people would never read. Actually, no one would read it because it would all be rants and very annoying things that shouldn't be posted for the public.

Anyway, my second year of University has kind of ended. There is still that one last exam I have to do before I can officially say that my second year has finally ended. You know, I've just crossed the half-way mark of the my career... to get a degree. Hopefully aiming for a Fine Arts degree would get me to places like any other degree. I followed my heart and so I am definitely going to finish it even if I feel very exhausted from letting my brain spill out all the great ideas it produced during this year. And I should take comfort that I am passing, though I would have to aim higher next year for I have to really get into that honours class on my fourth year of this degree. Time to really pump out ideas I am very much interested in this early otherwise I really have nothing to say next year that worth investigating.

This is really theraputic. Writing to no one in particular just feels very freeing. Maybe, I really should satrt a blog for my art stuff instead of keeping them hidden away in my head and in my workbooks. Hmm... Or I'll just take photos of my entries and post it as a blog. Now that would be interesting. Or on the wall? Well, I'll see to it if I remember posting here again.

Well things are never quite this normal if I don't write every single thing worth mentioning, after all I haven't posting anything in a long time. Firstly, I have a friend who's going to have a euro trip this summer (NZ) holidays and I am so very envious that she's going to the WB studio tour of the Harry Potter sets at London. Like OMFG man, why you not take me! Stuff me in your suitcase if you have to. I don't care how small it is! Secondly, I don't think I have any money as of this moment. It was Labour Weekend sale and I couldn't resist buying things that might not be what my family and I need. Opps. Although, a wacom intuos, pottermore's wonderbooks: spellbook and potions, and an owl cushion was so worth the money that I didn't have. Thirdly, another friend of mine who is training to be a patisserie chef invited me to take a barista course, which I agreed because coffee but the course fee is really, really expensive. I want to go but having bought a lot of stuff that I've wanted for so long just took away most of what I had saved. Oh, the problems of being a student. Fourthly, I HAVE TO GET A JOB. CVs are a pain and cover letters. I am too honest and lying isn't my forte. Sigh. Lastly, moving away from home, from family. It's a terrifying thing to know because the next entry you might get from me is from the future-living-alone me.

Okay. Calm. Deep breath.

I'll just play some minecraft or paint or something. Stop over thinking.




I'll just stop here...


3rd Jul, 2014



For the past four or so weeks I've been sitting at home doing God knows what. For the past week I've been fuming over the score I got for a presentation that I knew and still know to have covered all the requirements stated. I seriously don't know what the tutor and lecturer was on about. They've probably pissed off most of my year group. Just GAH!

Anywho, I've been lazy, reading some fanfiction on P&P (because I've suddenly become obsessed and it's awkward to know how my life is turning out according to parodies that's been made to make fun of the fans), tried to paint the stuff I've been meaning to, played some PS3 lego games, Assassin's Creed, minecraft, and drunk quite a bit of apple cider (just a few minutes ago). Life has been boring. I have a very boring life. I haven't caught on most things that are current at the moment and it's quite sad really. I've abandoned my tumblr, by the by. So I've got nothing essentially awesome to report.

Sigh. I hope my second semester at Uni this year is full of great things.

6th Mar, 2014

insane, crazy, obsessed

The New Year

For the past three months I've doing quite a lot of RL life. All the stuff I used to do are mostly abandoned. Is this what Uni does? Or is it just me?  

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